Good news for Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus and Galaxy Buds users

Good news for Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus and Galaxy Buds users

Samsung, which recently launched the Galaxy Buds Live model, also makes users happy with the old headset model.

The company has released a new software update for Galaxy Buds and Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus models. The new update has firmware version R175XXU0ATH7 and file size of 1.38 MB. The update talks about improved system stability and reliability. The update, which does not contain a new feature, is aimed to increase performance in wireless headphones. You can check if this update is coming to your headphones via the Galaxy Wear app. Samsung shared a software update last June to improve the performance of Ambient Sound. After this update, stability updates were released for Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Buds Plus.

What features does the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus offer?

Working with both Android and iOS devices, the headset does not have active noise canceling feature. Nevertheless, Galaxy Buds Plus, which is highly insulated due to its in-ear form, carries 85 mAh battery in the earbuds and 270 mAh battery in the charging case. The headset, which is installed on batteries larger than the model it replaces, can offer a total of 22 hours of music enjoyment with the chamber. Talk time is at the level of 15 hours in total. The selling price of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus headset is $ 129.99. You can reach all the details about the headset by clicking here.

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