Google has released Android 11 for Pixel phones

Google has released Android 11 for Pixel phones

Google has finally released the final version of Android 11. Pixel phone owners can now install the major software update. But not only that. Many Chinese manufacturers are also offering Android 11 as an update. Other companies missed this opportunity.

Google is making the final version of Android 11 available for download

After a few months of development, Google has now officially released the final version of Android 11. The announcement will also become available for most Pixel phones. Owners of Google smartphones from Pixel 2 can install and use Android 11 directly. Many new features are introduced with the update. In the following video, Google presents these in detail:

The most important changes include, for example, “Bubbles”. The function introduced by Facebook years ago shows new messages in small bubbles, which then float over the other apps. So you can reply to messages directly, even if you are playing a game or watching a series, for example, and you don’t have to leave the app. In addition, new messages are now collected and displayed in one place. Google wants to improve its clarity.

Otherwise, Google is now introducing a standardized screen recorder that can be used to record the content of the cell phone. Smart devices are now controlled directly in one place via a uniform interface. To do this, you have to press the on / off button longer to reach this area. Android Auto goes wireless and apps can be given one-time access to device components such as the camera. Overall, Google has also greatly improved user privacy.

Xiaomi, Oppo, Realme and OnePlus are pulling with Android 11

While Samsung, Huawei, LG, Sony and Co. make no move to make the Android 11 update available for download as soon as possible, Google has found many partners in China who are there. Android 11 versions are available for the OnePlus 8 (Pro), Xiaomi Mi 10 (Pro), Oppo Find X2 (Pro), Ace 2, Reno 3 4G (Pro) and the Realme X50 Pro. What Google hides in the official press release: These are only current beta versions, which should be relatively close to the final version. The final release should therefore take place very quickly. You definitely have to praise the Chinese manufacturers.

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