Google Home Mini Stand Waterproof-in-a-Way

Google Home Mini Stand Holder makes your Google Home Mini look cute with its retro alarm clock design. Perfect for decorating your home in an aesthetic and stylish way.

This stand orients your Google Home Mini vertically, so the speakers look outwards and the lights can be seen from across the room for better sound, listening, and visibility. No problem connecting the volume button.

In addition, the screw-tight body structure, a super-practical protective case, consists of two front and rear sturdy plastic panels to protect your Google home mini from all directions, the bottom rubber mat prevents your device from slipping and makes it more stable.

Easy to assemble and disassemble, The simple design feeds through a small hole in the top to secure the cable securely and features an easy cable management system on the rear panel.

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Google Home Mini Stand Unique and Convenient Design

Google Home Mini Stand Unique and Convenient Design

Adapt the look of the retro stand clock to make this stand more attractive and compatible with the design of the Google Home Mini. It fits perfectly in every living room as a decoration and raises its aesthetic level.

Google Home Mini Stand High Quality Plastic Material

High Quality Plastic Material

It is made of high-quality plastic material which does not contain toxic chemicals. Durable and difficult to destroy. 3-level oil painting crafts not only make it better but can also protect your Google Home Mini from scratch.

Google Home Mini Stand No Falling-off Trouble

No Rollover Hazard

The attachment not only provides the original screw fixing place for fixing the device but also uses 3M decals to prevent unwanted vibrations. Your Google Home Mini will not drop regardless of how you shake it.

Google Home Mini Stand Waterproof


The concrete exterior can somehow prevent your Google Home Mini from splashing, keeping your device away from unwanted water.

Google Home Mini Stand Impact Resistant

Impact resistant

Robust material can prevent your Google Home Mini from falling and crashing in some way, so you don’t have to worry about some unwanted drops.

Google Home Mini Stand Perfect Size

Perfect size

The sleek overall design doesn’t take up much space in your home, it makes your room tidy and clean.

Google Home Mini Video

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