Google update crashes Android apps in a row - this is how you can fix the error

Google has made a fatal mistake that annoys many Android smartphone owners. Certain apps just crash. Before Google solves the problem itself, there is a temporary solution that you can use if you are severely affected.

System service from Google crashes Android apps

Owners of Android smartphones are currently annoyed. Many Google apps, but also other applications, simply crash when you try to start them. The reason for this is a faulty system service that Google sent as an update to the Android phones. The error now ensures that Google apps such as Gmail, the Play Store and many other applications simply do not want to start. But not only Google apps are affected, but also many others that use the “Android System Webview”.

Depending on whether you received the faulty version of the system service, you may be affected by the problem. Google is aware of the difficulties and is working on a bug-free version. Until then, affected users can help themselves and simply uninstall the update of the system service until a new version is available. To do this, you simply have to go to the settings, then open the apps and, depending on the smartphone, search for “Android System WebView” or use the three dots in the top right corner to display the system apps and search there. The last version must be uninstalled. Then you just have to restart the phone and the problem should be resolved.

Google can update system service in the background

The “Android System WebView” system service is part of the operating system, but Google can update this part independently of the operating system. So you don’t have to wait weeks or months for an Android update to fix the problem. Google can push an update for a system service on the devices of its own accord. This is an advantage now, but it has also created a problem.

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