Graded Mode PUBG 7.2 update

PUBG, one of the most popular games in the world, continues to develop continuously. The “Graduated Mode” innovation that came with this PUBG 7.2 update is on the agenda.

According to the company statement, PUBG 7.2 update is now available for PC, Stadia, and consoles. The latest version of PUBG brings the long-awaited Gradual Mode, shotguns, gas canisters, and innovations in gameplay. As far as is said, players on all platforms can now experience Graduated Mode. This mode, which challenges traditional battle arena skills, includes a total of 64 players, no red areas, and loot awaits players more readily than ever before. It is reported that Update 7.2 brings bot competitors but bots will not be in Ranked Mode. With the introduction of the Graded Mode, it is explained that many arrangements have been made to strengthen the characteristics of each weapon type. The damage to the head and limb areas of the shotgun, one of the biggest changes, has also been increased. However, the use of a pump rifle in PUBG is said to have been improved with a reduced penalty during movement, less damage in distance hits, and better hitting in straight fires.

PUBG still drags millions after

You can find all the details about the newly released update directly here.

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