Hey tech lovers, this hoodie changes everything

The hoodie is one of the most popular items of clothing these days, not only among young people, but older people also enjoy hoodies. Now it’s also available for technology lovers who like to take a nap on the go – in a nutshell, this hoodie changes everything.

Who or what is a “pillowdy”? A fresh project on Kickstarter goes by the real name. The suitcase word is made up of the English terms for pillow and hoody (also written hoodie in this country) and thus almost obviously reveals what is behind it: a hooded cardigan with inflatable neck pillows!

We were still missing: hoodie with an inflatable neck pillow

That’s right, the hood is like an inflatable boat, an inflatable pillow for the neck area. You can take a nap anywhere, but you don’t have to lug around those unwieldy bolsters. Instead, it is always hidden with you. Simply take the “tube” out of the breast pocket, blow it in and your own “resting place” inflates on the spot. We think: actually brilliant, why has nobody thought of it before? A dream comes true for day-weary gamers, for smartphone night owls and party-goers who want to catch up on sleep in the subway. This hoodie changes everything, it increases the quality of life at the same time – sleep wherever you want.

The video explains the idea of ​​the “Pillowdy” very clearly:

Hoodie vs. Windbreaker

By the way, there are two types of “pillowdy“. First, there is the actual cardigan (hoodie), consisting of two layers of cotton. Then there is also a waterproof nylon windbreaker for the colder and, above all, wetter transitional periods. Each in different colors. Good to know: The financing goal of the crowdfunding project has already been achieved and the first copies should reach the supporters in October.

Speaking of which: if you hurry, you will get the “early bird offer” from the hoodie and only have to pay 69 US dollars, for the windbreaker you have to pay 89 US dollars. Later it will certainly be more expensive in normal retail at Amazon and Co. As the saying goes: if you arrive late, you will be punished with unhealthy sleep – or something like that.

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