Hidden PS4 Detail Players will now turn all their consoles over

Hidden PS4 Detail

Sometimes you have devices with you for years without you noticing certain details. The same thing happened to many PS4 owners who are now all turning their consoles over.

PlayStation 4: Very special little feet

Many of us know this: we buy a console, unpack it, and put it at hand so that we can quickly jump into the next best game. You rarely turn your console over and look at the floor – but you should do that because maybe you have a PS4 model with the special feet at home.

Prefer to play this on the PlayStation 5? No problem. Ubisoft announced at the Forward Show that you will receive a free upgrade for the next-gen console.

PlayStation 4: Everyone turns their console over

Twitter user Liquodar got the ball rolling, who has now discovered that the feet of his PlayStation 4 are made up of the iconic symbols triangle, square, circle, and X. It is apparently the slim model, but other models, such as the PS4 Pro, often have this detail.

Is it the same as you? If so, which model do you have? Have you already discovered other special features on your consoles or devices? Feel free to tell us in the Facebook comments.

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