Home security system Cloud Cam and Amazon Key

Amazon has introduced two very interesting products to its users. The home security system Cloud Cam and Amazon Key are opening the cargo door and keeping an eye on your incoming packages.

Cloud Cam, one of the domestic security systems, has many features in its tiny body. Cloud Cam, which can be controlled from a single application, works well with Alexa. Offering 7/24 surveillance, the camera offers 1080p images. The camera has eight infrared LED lights, making it possible to make sharp images in the dark. Thanks to double-sided sound transmission it is also possible to talk to the person via camera. Thanks to the advanced motion detection system compared to the conventional camera, it is also possible to receive only the notifications you want. For example, if you have a domestic animal, you may want to turn off its motion detection and only request notification of the human movement.

Cloud Cam and Amazon Key

The camera, which communicates successfully with Alexa, can display images via Fire TV, Fire Tablet, Echo Show or Echo Spot on demand. All you have to do is ask Alexa to bring you a video. An interesting product was introduced along with the safety camera. It’s Amazon Key. Amazon Key, which you can get with Cloud Cam’s “Key Edition” version, allows you to give your trusted people access to your home. If Prime members opt for the “In-Home Delivery” option on Amazon, the cargos can open the door of your home and let the cargo into the house. You can view it through the camera. We think it is a very interesting and naive product.

Cloud Cam is sold for $ 120.00 via Amazon. If you want to buy with Amazon Key, you need to pay a fee of $ 249.99. If you are going to ask our opinion, we’d like to get two packed.

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