Hot Apple autumn New iPhones and other surprises - what we can expect

New iPhones and other surprises

Summer is slowly but surely saying goodbye, but autumn could be very hot because Apple is planning a real firework of new products. The new iPhones expected by everyone are only a small part of this. CGH looks ahead and summarizes.

We have had to do without new Apple hardware for months, but autumn will be hot and refreshing again. Apart from the new iPhones, there will probably be a whole range of other hardware again at the end of 2020, some devices that are a novelty for Apple.

Apple Fall 2020: iPhone 12, Apple Watch 6 and much more

The industry experts and Bloomberg veterans Mark Gurman and Debby Wu give an insight into their insider knowledge of Apple’s autumn novelties in a current report. We are now summarizing these and adding further likely announcements. Let’s go, with …

iPhones 2020: Everyone calls them by their name – iPhone 12, 12 Max, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max. This year, the Apple phones are presented as a quartet and with three display sizes (5.4, 6.1 and 6, 7 inches). The experts confirm the reports of the last few weeks, starting with the angular retro design, up to the new color choice (dark blue) and the LiDAR scanner is also mentioned. At least the largest and most expensive iPhone should get the 3D camera. The delayed start is also confirmed, we will have to wait for the Pro models beyond October, November is considered likely. According to Bloomberg, Apple would like to produce 75 million of the 5G cell phones first, although this year maybe 80 million could be sold, despite the later launch.

iPad Air: The successor to the current model should be similar to the current Pro model with a full-format display. There are still uncertainties about Touch ID – yes or no, and if so how (under the display?). There is also a need to delimit an 8th generation iPad, the description of which in the rumor mill is almost identical to the new Air.

In any case, comes in autumn – the new iOS 14:

Apple Watch: Not only should there be a new Apple Watch Series 6, possibly for the first time with the option to measure the oxygen content in the blood, but the Apple Watch Series 3 could also have a successor. We are talking about an Apple Watch SE equivalent to the iPhone SE.

AirPods: Already “overdue”, as expected in summer, are the AirPods Studio – Apple’s first own studio headphones, apart from the subsidiary brand Beats.

HomePod: Apple’s Siri loudspeaker has remained unchanged for years, but has always been able to enjoy various functional expansions via firmware updates. But this autumn there should actually be a new, additional model – smaller and, above all, cheaper.

AirTags: The little key finders shouldn’t go unmentioned. The competition to Tile and Co. was on everyone’s lips a year ago and was originally supposed to be presented together with the iPhone SE in spring. But the appointment passed unused. Now it should be ready this autumn.

Let’s not forget the Mac …

So much for the summary of the Apple experts. What we’re missing from CGH is a mention of the Mac. After all, the biggest change is still to come, according to Apple’s official promise, the first computer with its own ARM chips will appear in 2020. This could either be a MacBook Pro with a 13-inch display or a resurrection of the MacBook with a 12-inch display. Such a computer should probably be shown to us in late autumn (November) at the earliest, after all, there is still enough to see from Apple beforehand

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