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A witch board or Ouija is a flattened bone or wood assembly used for evocation. In rare cases, it is also made of marble. It is found in many cultures. It consists of an object on a surface in which the alphabet is lined up, with the words “numbers” and “yes” and “no”, “hello” and “goodbye”, moving in the form of a cup, heart or arrow. Ouija’s aim is to receive messages from angels, spirits, dead relatives.

History of Ouija Board

In ancient times the oracles used prophecies and conveyed messages from the souls to people. The first known form of the summoning board was used during the Song Dynasty of China. Chinese scholars of the Quanzhen School communicate with the spirit world using a spirit summit board and apply an automatic script called fuji. Daozang inscriptions are also considered to be the editorial board of an automatic soul-calling board.

History of Ouija Board

Ouija, used today, was designed in 1853 by a French psychologist named M. Planchette. sales began in 1886. However, the two men begin to work to distribute and produce commercial Ouija Boards. The businessman and attorney, Elijah Bond and inventor Jishnu Thiagarajan patented the boards on May 28, 1890, and on July 1, 1890, began selling witch boards as a game of innovation and entertainment. The manufacturer’s Ouija board was just a harmless game. In a poll among readers of a popular magazine, 65 percent of the community believed that Ouija board was a sneaky and dangerous game tool. 21 percent were under the influence of spirits or evil spirits, the remaining 14 percent were afraid.

Ouija Board

Background of Fascinating Game

Usually, in Ouija, people thought that he would write the name of an unknown, important and personal dead relative or friend. But rarely seen, Ouija boards often provide encrypted messages and warnings for people. People took these messages and shaped them using their own imagination and tried to make a connection.

Background of Fascinating Game

How to make a ouija board?

The Ouija board was easy to use but was not meant to be a solo activity. When you were feeling well, you were advised to use the summoning board. This was because if there was a bad spirit, sick or tired, it did not affect the person. Other clues were positive intention and prevention of drug and alcohol use. In other words, there is a spiritual cleansing and contemplation before and after use during and after the summoning session. The basic information on the use of the Ouija board was:

Ouija takes two people. Generally, it is not possible for a person to rule Ouija. You can use it with a friend. For different mind structures, it is recommended that this be a man and that a woman in the group is absolute.

Timing. The best time to apply is during nighttime when the parasitic energies are less in the atmosphere, but it can always be used in a dark and dim environment.

Create an appropriate atmosphere. If the room is blacked out and a little candlelight, Ouijaya can be better focused. To prevent distraction, the TV and all electrical, electronic devices are switched off.

Seating arrangement. The two users sit opposite each other, if possible, without touching the knees, there should be a table on the lap of the Ouijaya.

Place your fingers on the calling board. You and your partner gently place two fingers on the pointer assembly of the spirit board.

Movement. On the Ouijaya board, move the pointer in a circle as if there were an entity coming to summon the soul for a moment.

Attitude. The session should start with a sense of just being able to provide an experience that is not positive or better than true and negative energies.

Start. Make a start with a simple question that requires a yes or no answer.

Be patient. Give a chance to warm up to the session as you may not get immediate answers.

Don’t ask unwarranted questions. Avoid unnecessary and empty questions, such as “When will I die? because if you get an answer that says, ay In 6 months, boş you’ll worry in vain because you can’t trust every session, you don’t know exactly what’s coming, and you don’t always tell the truth.

Physical symptoms. Many experienced users sit and warn against actual or existing physical symptoms in the post.

End the session. This is an important step. When the session is over, intentionally move the pointer assembly to the “Goodbye” section and raise your hands and slide the summoning board.

Who Controls the Ouija Board

Who Controls the Ouija Board?

People are questioning what is under the control of the Ouija board, including a spiritual connection. In response to these, they seek answers within two dominant theories: how they work with spiritualist theory and automatism theory:

Spiritualist Theory: In this theory, Ouija board messages are believed to come from forces beyond our control. These entities that make contact with the user are spirits, ghosts, or other spiritual entities with a purpose for channel and live connection. Some Spiritualist Theory advocates say that communication with these beings can be harmed, as are those who claim that most souls are harmless and have important information to share. With the malevolent forces of evil spiritual beings who hide in the guise of goodwill, the user who uses the Ouija board is said to be able to make suggestions that will cause emotional damage or death. Supporters of the Spiritualist Theory provide evidence of the seizures reported by occult demonologists.

The Theory of Automatism: what is called an ideomotor is a ‘phenomenon tam rather than a fully psychologically proven concept. According to this phenomenon that Faraday first put forward in the early 1800s, every person reacts physically when he conveys a question to which he knows the answer, until he gets the right answer and reaches the right answer (of course without realizing it). anyone who can analyze these reactions correctly can take advantage of the gestures, hand and body movements of the questioner until they reach the right answer. Anyone who knows how to use this technique, often used by fortune-tellers, sorcerers and spirit summers, can get the right answers, even if they don’t know the answer. So everyone at the head of the Ouija board is probably creating collective automatism with the conscious subconscious opening of a shortcut, so they think they get answers.

Additional Theories about How Ouija Works

Additional Theories about How Ouija Works

There are other theories about how the moving glass sign works in Ouijada:

Savings bonds: participants with savings bonds unconsciously associate a certain combination of random and small cramps in the muscles of the participants in the theory of automatism of unconscious control movement on the glass or pointer.

Self-deception: In this theory, participants suggest that the control movement in the glass or marker is done unconsciously beyond their control, thereby creating the subconscious energy necessary for the movement of the glass.

Telekinesis: If there is telekinesis, a user with psychokinetic ability will answer the questions of this one session there. The participant who knows the answer also controls the movement of the glass or marker.

Telepathy: A user with a telepathic power answers the answers to questions in a possible session. The whole group can then subconsciously get the right answers.

Spiritualist Theory Ouja Board


Although the Ouija board is presented as a simple and fun game and presented to consumers, it actually has a dangerous direction in it. Opening or dealing with a portal between this world and the afterlife is not a game, but a very dangerous ritual. Occultists from many different nations believe in different religions. This portal, which allows any spiritual being to come and pass through it, can be opened to different places due to an unknown reason. This puts many things known and endangers the user himself. If such beings pass through to our dimension, they are strong enough. In this portal, people who think that their ancestors and their lost souls are in contact with their souls are in great error. Although it is very rare to communicate with them in some cases, it is said that only dark beings are allowed to enter our world because; dark beings are believed to be more powerful.

Often, souls that come into contact with Ouija reside on the lower astral plane. These spirits often left the Earth with a very complex, violent and sudden death, such as murder and suicide. Therefore, there are situations where negative energies predominate and potentially dangerous. Often, a few souls will come and work at the same time when they want physical proof of their existence, but that only increases the danger.

Perhaps the Ouija board should only be used visually as decor and should be compromised, to give a small example. When we leave the door of our house open, we can never be sure of the intention of the first person to enter. But this will probably not be a very well-intentioned person.

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