Huge details about Sony PlayStation 5

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Sony PlayStation 5 is on the agenda again today. This time, however, we have the official information given by Mark Cerny about the console.

Sony PlayStation 4 was a game console that was really amazingly successful. However, this model is now in the period. Sony PlayStation 5 is one of the models that will carry the game world to the future. Mark Cerny, a prominent member of the PlayStation who gave an exclusive interview to WIRED, gave a great deal of information about the next generation of console. The console, which has not been officially announced, is said to be getting its power from an eight-core processor built on AMD’s 3rd generation Zen architecture. Radeon Navi family, which is still on the graphics side of the graphics card will use the model, in this respect seems to bring a serious performance improvement. 4K will standardize the gameplay, 8K’ya output to the console, the “rail tracing” will be called support. As you know, the new world of Nvidia RTX graphics cards can be made realistic in the games.

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Sony PlayStation 5 also brings a significant increase in data storage

Mark Cerny also said that the console will bring serious innovations to the sound. Stating that there is no big difference between PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, Cerny says this will change in the next generation. The console is said to have a dedicated AMD sound chip. Meanwhile, Sony PlayStation 5 also brings a significant increase in data storage. With the SSD storage, it is explained that the console will load the games a lot, but much faster. The console, which can run the PlayStation 4 games backward, can also host a new generation VR, virtual reality head. It is estimated that the model that will not be available in 2019 will be sold for $ 499.

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