hibrit lamborghini aventador

We know that Lamborghini Aventador‘s successor will be a hybrid. However, there are no batteries in the car from other hybrids.

It is a well-known fact that the model that will replace the Aventador will be a hybrid. The Italian manufacturer was expected to combine the V12 engine with a small electric motor, which would also feed the electric motor with a compact battery pack. However, according to the American Road & Track, the new car can be replaced with göre supercapacitors de instead of conventional lithium ion batteries. Hybrid Lamborghini will have the engine to be used in the concept of code, LB48H, which is under development. The concept car will use much more lightweight and less compact supercapacitors instead of the traditional battery pack we see in almost all hybrid cars. In addition to being small and lightweight, supercapacitors are capable of both discharging and energy recovery at the same time. He works in cooperation with the chemical department of MIT in the Italian research and development phase.

Lamborghini CTO Maurizio Reggiani, in an interview, said:

“Aventador’ın starter battery instead of using a supercapacitor in the industry have been a first. We think it would be much more accurate to use a supercapacitor instead of a lithium ion battery for a sports car.”

“The life of the V12 is long”

“We have to maintain the emotional impact our atmospheric V12 engine has on our fans to this day. However, we will also apply for electrification with the performance requirements of modern times. The extra and instant torque that comes with the electric motor will give us a much more linear power transmission. I think that our V12 will become much stronger without losing anything of its character. Even in the age of the electric car, I’m sure an atmospheric V12 still has a long life.”

The Aventador SVJ HPs V12 engine produces 770 HP. With the support of the electric motor, this V12 will pass the 800 horsepower band very comfortably.

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