iMac with Apple processor These pictures blow us away

iMac with Apple processor:

The first Mac with Apple’s in-house ARM processor will be available this year – a MacBook, rumor has it. But the desktop classic “iMac” should also be relaunched shortly afterward. Impressive concept images show what it could look like.

Why should only the inside of the iMac change? Apart from the new ARM architecture, the classic deserves a makeover after years of unchanged form. Marcos Antonio de Lima is of the same opinion, who with his concept of a new “Apple Silicon iMac” presents us with images that blow us away – so Apple is welcome to take an example.

iMac meets Apple’s Pro display and iPad

The design artist is a fan of the All-in-One from Apple, he loves his iMac, but still longs for a little variety. His design is visibly inspired by Apple’s Pro Display XDR and the current iPad Pro – a floating display with a narrow edge with a neat stand in an aluminum dress. But that alone is not enough.

iMac with Apple processor-1

The previous Apple chips in the iPhone and iPad do without active cooling, which the designer hopes for with the new iMac as well, he is counting on passive cooling and the absence of corresponding fans. The massive base is based on the counterpart of the Pro Display XDR, but on the all-in-one Mac it is inclined by a full 15 degrees – in the end it looks a bit more dynamic.

iMac with Apple processor-2

The most important change to the previous iMac is the screen itself. The display format leaves the familiar paths (16: 9) and is visibly expanding. However, de Lima conspicuously decides against an ultrawide monitor (21: 9), towards a rather unusual ratio of 2: 1 – the “golden” middle of the two aforementioned formats, if you will.

On the other hand, the innovations of macOS Big Sur, which will be completed in the next few weeks, are certain:

Will the new iMac actually look like this with an ARM chip? Pure speculation, but it is quite possible that we will rediscover design elements from other products – such as the Pro Display XDR and iPad Pro. After all, the work at Apple has always been mutually influenced by their own designs, a common signature was and is always recognizable. We would love to have such a design, or at least a similar one, for the first iMac with an Apple chip.

Design tools of the concept

Still exciting: The artist also gives an insight into his way of working, so we learn that he implemented the concept in the Shapr3D and Adobe Dimension apps. Good to know: The first-mentioned app is an application for the iPad, while Dimension requires a Mac or PC. Ergo: Curiously, a mixture of both system worlds, like maybe the shape of the new iMac.

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