Improvised moments of Joker

It turned out that one of the striking scenes of the Joker film, in which Joaquin Phoenix starred, was improvised and completely different from the script.

We can say that the Joker, directed by Todd Phillips, is the most talked-about lately. After winning the best film award at the Venice Film Festival, there is a storm blowing at the box office. Joaquin Phoenix, who brought Arthur Fleck to life, became one of the most prominent players of the year. So much so that he is already expected to be nominated for Best Actor Oscar for his role as Joker. With Todd Phillips’s latest statement, rumors of Joaquin Phoenix and Oscar seem to be on the rise.

Improvised moments of Joker

Speaking to Screenplayed, Todd Phillips explained that the Joker’s dance scene in the bathroom was not part of the screenplay, but was filmed with Joaquin Phoenix‘s improvised performance. This scene was one of the few moments in the audience’s mind. It was seen as one of the moments that made clear the transformation of Arthur Fleck into the Joker because it was not directly linked to the previous scene. Normally, in this scene, the Joker was expected to enter the toilet and vomit and then look for a place to hide his gun. However, these movements were not suitable for the Joker. Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix began to think about how they could change the stage. The idea of ​​Arthur Fleck dancing using one of the film’s music came out after an hour of brainstorming. The idea was brought to life by Joaquin Phoenix’s improvised performance, which was used in the film. This scene will be one of the most memorable scenes in the minds of the audience.

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