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Marvel fans believe that Thanos was destroying half the universe in the final of the Avengers Infinity War while keeping three Marvel heroes alive. There is clear evidence for this.

As you know, Thanos was the winner in the final of the Avengers Infinity War and used his infinity glove to cut the population of the universe by half. But in the meantime, it is thought that the three heroes were especially trying to survive. These names are Thor, Nebula and Iron Man respectively. Why would crazy titan want to do that? The description is again in the film Infinity War.

Marvel heroes that Thanos left alive

If you recall, Thanos appeared before Thor and Loki at the beginning of the film. He said he’d kill Thor if Loki didn’t give out the space stone. He surrendered the space stone to save his brother. His last move against Thanos failed and caused his death. But Thanos, who took the space stone, had no reason to kill Thor when he got what he wanted. Thanos, who took the stone, promised Loki that he would not kill his brother.

The second name was Nebula. But it wasn’t because he was the daughter of Thanos. On the contrary, Nebula was tortured for the position of the soul stone. When Thanos learned about Vormir, the location of the soul stone, and sacrificed Gamora, only Nebula remained. Thanos did not specifically want to kill him.

Iron Man is the last one. In the battle against Titan, Doctor Strange saw all potential futures and delivered the time stone with his own hands. This was because the experiences were inevitable. All that was needed at this point was to make sure that Tony Stark could survive. That’s why Iron Man survived in exchange for the time stone. Then the importance of this movement appeared in the Avengers Endgame.

Frankly, we don’t know if Thanos really wanted to keep these heroes alive. If there’s one in the list, he’s definitely Iron Man. Thor and Nebula may be random. What are you thinking?

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