Inexpensive 8K TVs Samsung's new QLED TVs for the small budget

Inexpensive 8K TVs

4K televisions are getting cheaper and cheaper. The particularly high-definition 8K TVs, on the other hand, still cost a huge amount of money. However, Samsung’s new QLED models with 8K resolution are now entering the price war – and could finally make entry into the world of 8K television cheaper.

Samsung’s new QLED televisions: the Q700T and Q800T as a low-cost entry into the 8K world?

Samsung’s new QLED televisions

Those who buy a new television these days will most likely be on the lookout for a model with 4K resolution. The first 8K televisions have been available for some time, but these are usually anything but a bargain. For the razor-sharp telly, more than 4,000 euros are often due – that is beyond the financial framework for many.

However, Samsung has now announced two new QLED TVs with 8K displays that are supposed to change that. The two model series are named Q700T and Q800T, the cheapest model is already available for $ 2,189. That applies to the 55-inch model of the Q700T – and if we’re honest, as long as you’re not sitting an unhealthy distance in front of your TV, the razor-sharp 8K resolution will hardly come into its own here.

The competition never sleeps – TCL now also offers televisions with 8K resolution:

TCL: Large QLED TV with 8K resolution

The televisions are scheduled to go on sale in September 2020. Here is the complete overview of all models and their prices:

Model / sizeQ700TQ800T
55 inches$2.189.00
65 inches$2.699.00$3.399.00
75 inches$5.299.00
82 inches$6.799.00

Q700T vs Q800T: This is where Samsung’s new 8K televisions differ

In addition to a stronger background lighting, the televisions of the more expensive Q800T series also offer other speakers. While the models of the Q700T have to get by with 60 watt speakers, the counterparts of the Q800T still provide 70 watts and should enable a more precise location of the sound sources.

What users of the Q700T have to do without is AMD FreeSync. VRR technology is only used in the Q800T. Both television series support HDR10 + and HLG and rely on full array local dimming. Tizen is used as the operating system, while Samsung natively uses Bixby and Alexa for the voice assistants – but the televisions are also compatible with the Google Assistant.

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