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McDonald’s, the world-famous fast-food chain, is here with the development of a charging station that will delight electric vehicle owners.

Automotive manufacturers have increased their investments in electric vehicles from year to year, while other sectors are not watching. Almost every sector is trying to keep up with the increasing demands of electric vehicles. One of the biggest problems for such vehicles that do not work with fossil fuels is infrastructure. There are still not enough charging stations for electric vehicles that require regular charging. Even world-famous fuel sellers such as BP and Shell have started to put charging stations at points of sale, but this has not been published worldwide. One of the last companies involved in the adaptation process to electric vehicles was McDonald’s. The famous fast-food chain aims to put a charging station in all dealers that can be ordered by vehicle. Moreover, they have already signed important works for these goals.

McDonald’s took an interesting step with the possibility of charging

According to international press reports, McDonald’s became the largest restaurant chain in Sweden that provides charging opportunities for electric cars. The company, which has been working on the subject since 2008, opened its first charging station in 2009 within the scope of its future targets. McDonald’s currently has 55 charging stations. This service is not free of course. Just like the fuel dealers, McDonald’s places a price sign at the entrance of its branches. So drivers understand how much they have to pay per minute. The company does not want to limit this initiative only in Sweden. It is expected that at least two charging stations will be installed in all branches in the Netherlands.

Interesting charging station from McDonald’s Video

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