Netflix series Love, Death & Robots

As the new Netflix anthology Love Death Robots came out, the audience was attracted by the attention and attention of the audience. Netflix in this series has been tried a different way.

Love Death Robots, which took its place in Netflix library in recent weeks, took their place among the winners of the platform in a short time. The anthology series, consisting of 18 chapters, is one of the l adult-specific, animation content of the platform. In this animated series, the longest part lasts 17 minutes, the chapters tell different stories. You’re able to find a short story in many different areas such as science fiction, suspense, fantasy, comedy. Even 5-minute episodes are presented with an interesting marketing tactic.

Four different tracking sequences

It has become clear that Netflix has followed a different path for the new series. According to a statement made on Twitter, there are 4 different section rankings for this series. Dik We never had a production like Love, Death & Robots, and we’ve decided to try something completely different. We have presented the series in four different episodes. These sequences were distributed independently of the audience’s gender, ethnicity or sexual identity.

With this statement, the confusion between users is also eliminated. That is the 6th section you are watching and very much like. In this case, it is more logical to propose a section in the series and suggest directly. The platform is able to apply this small test to its next anthology by deciding which order is more interesting. You can watch the series from here.

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