iPad 2020 with iPad Pro design appeared

After Apple’s newly designed iPad Air model, this time iPad Pro designed iPad 2020 appeared. Here are the details;

The new iPad Air, which was on the agenda a short time ago, came to the fore with the news that it will have a similar design with the iPad Pro on a user manual. The model, which was reported to be on the road with the Touch ID (integrated into the power size) fingerprint sensor on the side by signing a first for Apple instead of Face ID, made a lot of noise. Now, the standard iPad 2020 is on the agenda based on the drawings above. As we said above, the tablet, which has an iPad Pro-like design and uses FaceID, is said to have a fence speaker, USB-C connection, and Magic Keyboard support. Also known as the 8th generation iPad, the model carries a single camera behind it. It is also stated that the iPad, which will make a lot of noise if it offers this design at an affordable price, has Apple Pencil support. Apple still dominates the tablet market.

iPad 2020-2

Expect iPad Pro with the mini-LED display from Apple as the new iPad 2020 arouses curiosity

The tablet is said to be powered by the A14X Bionic processor, which came out of the 5 nm production process. It is said that the A14X Bionic, which will be put into production this year with Kirin 1000, which will be released from the 5 nm production process of TSMC, will offer very, very high performance. The new tablet, which is said to have 5G support, is installed on the Mini-LED display with at least 120 Hz refresh rate according to the sources. This model is thought to come in late 2020 or early 2021.

Mini-LED technology, which is the most important feature of this model, does not cause the burn-in problem like OLED panels. As far as it is stated, Mini-LED panels also allow the production of lighter and thinner devices. These panels, which are said to support a wide color gamut, offer high contrast and can offer high brightness for HDR content.

Visual Source: MacRumors

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