iPad Air 4

iPad Air 4:

We were shown the new iPad Air 4 back in September, but we still can’t officially buy it. But now the date of the imminent sales launch of Apple’s new tablet has been quietly revealed.

Anyone who wants to order the new iPad Air 4 from Apple is faced with a problem. The iPhone manufacturer still does not allow the purchase, put off with the words “Available from October”. Well, it’s already mid-October and yet there is no trace of the 4th generation iPad Air. So when is Apple planning to release the tablet, when will sales start?

Will iPad Air 4 goes on sale on October 23?

In the US, Apple’s retail partner Walmart took orders yesterday and promised delivery on Friday, October 23rd. In the meantime, these first batches have already been sold out, as MacRumors reports. Previously, other reports on listings at dealers indicated that sales would start on October 23. If this is the case, Apple is likely to take pre-orders for the new iPad Air together with the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro today.

As a reminder: Apple’s new smartphones can be pre-ordered today in the Apple Online Store and from authorized partners. But when exactly? According to MacRumors, pre-orders start at 5 a.m. after Pacific Standard Time, in this country, it is 2 p.m. in the afternoon. It is very possible that we can then order the iPad Air 4 at the same time. Speaking of which: Apple’s online store is already offline, so it won’t be long either way.

Everything about the new iPads from Apple in the video:

8th generation iPad and iPad Air 4 from Apple explained

Pre-orders are possible from free dealers

Wasn’t it possible to pre-order the iPad Air 4 from various retailers for a long time, as a look at the price comparison and our reporting show? This is correct, but none of these are direct Apple dealers. They obtain their goods freely through the distribution and not directly from Apple, so they are not bound by Apple’s specifications and do not have to adhere to a fixed pre-order start. However, these dealers are usually not among the first sellers to receive goods accordingly. Ergo: Customers have to wait longer for delivery.

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