iPad Pro 2021 Hey Apple lets get an idea

iPad Pro 2021

Now in April, Apple should lift the veil and present us with the new iPad Pro 2021. The features are already known, but there is still a request from customers. Will Apple hear him?

In fact, the rumor mill has already revealed almost everything about the upcoming iPad Pro 2021. If you don’t remember, you will be served a short summary on a silver platter below in the article. But one customer wish has not yet been clarified: Are there any beautiful new colors?

Apple take a look: iPad Pro 2021 in Pacific blue!

So far you have to decide: space gray or silver – anything but the pure joy of color. The fourth-generation iPad Air, which has meanwhile been introduced, is of a different caliber because you can also use “sky blue” or green. The desire for more color variations on the iPad Pro is understandable and growing. It doesn’t have to be in the pastel colors of the “Luftikus”. Quite a few would like an iPad Pro 2021 in the chic “Pacific blue”, equivalent to the iPhone 12 Pro (Max).

Image: Waqar Khan

It is not yet clear whether Apple will also fulfill the request. Until then, the YouTuber Waqar Khan will show us such an iPad Pro 2021 in “Pacific Blue”. His pictures show what Apple might want to surprise us within April. So if you already own an iPhone 12 Pro (Max) in this color, you could soon buy the right “partner” from Apple.

Features of the new Pro tablet: What we already know

The technical features that await us with the iPad Pro 2021 are already clearer. We recently reported, for example, that the Apple tablet will be the first of its kind with a Thunderbolt connection. When it comes to the design, we don’t expect any surprises, apart from the color, as already mentioned. There are again 12.9- and 11-inch displays, whereby the larger version is equipped with mini-LEDs and is thus significantly improved. Improvements can also be expected with the camera.

The processor will make the biggest leap. Apple will use a more powerful version of the Apple A14 for this, the Apple A14X will even work on the level of the M1, ie those “miracle chips” that have already made Intel fearful. Anyone who is mobile will also be able to look forward to a 5G option for the cellular version of the iPad Pro 2021.

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