iPad Pro 9.7's exclusive speaker The OIO Amp

Along with iPad Pro 9.7, interesting accessories have started to hit the market, one of them is; External speaker set The OIO Amp stands out with its powerful sound output and low price.

Leading the tablet market The iPad continues to be the preferred choice for many users due to its versatility and portability. The big screen of the device allows the user to enjoy the sequence and movie wherever he wants. However, the built-in loudspeaker of the device is insufficient to provide the desired viewing pleasure. The OIO Amp‘s iPad speaker makes the rich stereo sound experience portable.

Designed by Gregg Davis, this exclusive speaker has features that will not interfere with the sound system in our homes. This speaker, which is basically like a case on the iPad, is located on both sides of the device. Thickness does not pass the iPad. Both loudspeakers can be plugged on top of the device for ease of transport. So you can move the iPad anywhere you like without removing the OIO Amp. This handy product can be used with iPad Air and iPad Pro 9.7 In addition, this dedicated speaker has a 900mAh built-in battery. This gives the user seven hours of uninterrupted viewing pleasure. Moreover, you do not have to use this device only with iPad. It is also possible to drive with other devices with Bluetooth connectivity in your home. So you always have a mini cinema you can carry with you!

The OIO Amp, a candidate to be one of the indispensables of iPad owners, finds buyers for $ 199. You can find images of this iPad-specific speaker on our gallery at the entrance of our news or just below the video.

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