iPhone 12 disappointed in the run-up

iPhone 12 disappointed in the run-up

It was the long-awaited feature of the upcoming iPhone 12 Pro, but Apple is apparently backing down after all. There’s a good reason for that, but it can’t comfort the disappointment.

Is it coming or not? Actually everyone was already happy about the adaptation of the ProMotion display from the iPad Pro for the iPhone 12, at least the Pro series of the new Apple cell phones should get it. Then the first doubts arose at the beginning of July, which is now being confirmed.

Apple backs down: iPhone 12 without a 120 Hz display

The well-informed Apple expert Ming-Chi Kuo finally rejects the hope of fast displays with a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz. According to the latest report, Apple does not integrate it into the iPhone 12 Pro (6.1 inches) and iPhone 12 Pro Max (6.7 inches). The decision came after corresponding tests, the battery life is probably just too bad with the fast screens – Apple is forcing the long-awaited feature on hold.

A bitter disappointment, as Apple falls so clearly behind. With the Android competition, 120 Hz displays have been part of the good tone of the smartphone top models for some time. Particularly embarrassing for Apple: Even the new and extremely cheap Poco X3 from Xiaomi offers this function – the phone only costs a little more than 200 euros! According to Kuo, the iPhone will not unlock until next year and receive a correspondingly fast display, together with the energy-saving LTPO technology.

Smaller notch: But only for one model

From then on, Kuo knows more details about the new iPhones. The display notch (notch) of the 5.4-inch model should actually be a bit narrower, all other models inherit the notch size of the current iPhones. After all, there should be 5G in both expansion stages (including mmWave technology), although there should initially be models in the “simpler” frequency range.

We will definitely not see the new iPhones at today’s Apple event, because Kuo also confirms the assumptions – Apple Watch and a new iPad Air are in the foreground of the ideas. The latter should have Touch ID, but not in a home button, but integrated with a side button.

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