iPhone 12 family and AirTags-2

iPhone 12 family and AirTags

Apple is preparing for a wide exit with the iPhone 12 family. However, the models will not be alone. Good sources also provided AirTags information. According to the latest information from Apple, four new iPhone 12 models are coming in October, not September.

It is said that AirTags will be launched with these models. So what are these AirTags? According to the leaked information, this Tile-like tracking accessory gets its power from the U1 chip unit, the details of which are given here. The biggest benefit of the U1 chip unit is Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology for this tracking accessory. UWB support, also included in iPhone 11 models, technically works much more precisely than Bluetooth LE and WiFi at the location. Described by Apple as “never lose your daily belongings again”, AirTags is completely waterproof and can be magnetically charged like Apple Watch. However, there is a possibility of using a “clock battery” here. It is said that every desired item can be followed by this model. Apple Watch Series 6 is also coming at the event.

How much will the iPhone 12 family be sold, while AirTags attracts attention?

The final prices for the models, which are of course not 100 percent certain, are as follows:

  • iPhone 12: Between $ 699.00 and $ 749.00
  • iPhone 12 Max: Between $ 799.00 and $ 849.00
  • iPhone 12 Pro: Between $ 1,049.00 and $ 1,099.00
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max: Between $ 1,149.00 and $ 1,199.00

A remarkable claim about 5G supported iPhone 12 from famous analyst

In previous claims, it was said that the iPhone 12 family would be as successful as the iPhone 6 family. However, new reports cast doubt on this claim.

Barclays analyst Tim Long says there is a lot of exaggeration when it comes to 5G-powered iPhone. Saying that the process of transition from 3G to 4G will not be experienced in 5G, Long states that the coronavirus epidemic will also affect the sales of new models. Long says iPhone 12 sales will not contribute greatly to Apple. It is said that the problems in the serial production of the iPhone 12 may delay the launch of the phone for four to six weeks. Apple has also stated in a previous statement that they are behind the iPhone program this year.

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