iPhone 12 Pro Max Finally more memory for professionals

iPhone 12 Pro Max:

New cameras, more power, and clever accessories should convince customers of the iPhone 12 Pro (Max). Unlike last year, buyers of the biggest iPhone of all time really get the best camera.

iPhone 12 Pro Max: The best camera is in the largest smartphone

The new iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max speak Apple’s new design language: flat sides with rounded edges. Compared to the iPhone 12, the Pro models go one better: polished stainless steel on the sides, textured glass on the back. And that in a new color: Pacific blue replaces midnight green in the new line-up.

New iPhone 12 Models >

Apple has enlarged the screens on the iPhone 12 Pro (Max). However, the case should be about the same size as its predecessor: The smaller Pro model now has a 6.1-inch display (instead of 5.8 on the iPhone 11 Pro), the Max model is 6.7- Inch display (instead of 6.5) the largest iPhone of all time.

When presenting the new models, Apple is focusing on the camera system: both Pro models still have three camera lenses. In addition, there is a LiDAR scanner for depth measurement in the room – it is known from the iPad Pro.

For the first time, you can create videos in HDR mode with the iPhone 12 Pro. The new models should of course also produce better photos. And this is especially true on the iPhone 12 Pro Max: With its 65 mm telephoto lens (instead of 52 mm in the iPhone 12 Pro) it offers a 2.5x zoom. In the dark, the new image sensor should perform almost twice as well (78 percent better), explains Apple.

Apple presents the new iPhone 12 Pro, everything you need to know in the video:

For the same price – the iPhone 12 Pro costs from $1,120 the Max from $1,217.50 – Apple donates twice the storage space. In any case, the 64 GB versions of the Pro iPhone are a thing of the past. The iPhone 12 Pro can be pre-ordered from Apple from October 16, the Max from November 6. The sale of the iPhone 12 (mini) is similarly staggered.

MagSafe is back

On the back of all new iPhones, Apple has implemented a new interface with which accessory products can be magnetically attached to the iPhone – such as protective cases, which are easier to attach and remove, credit card holders and chargers. The manufacturer is bringing a well-known Apple name back to life: MagSafe. Speaking of charging: A power adapter is no longer included in the scope of delivery of the new iPhones, but there is an upgrade for the charging cable – that’s LIghtning-to-USB-C.

According to Apple, another advantage of the new models is the durability of the hardware: iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max should be able to withstand water for up to 30 minutes and up to 6 meters deep. A structural change in the display glass is intended to make the screen more resistant. Apple calls this “Ceramic Shield”.

iPhone 12 Pro (Max): 5G meets 5 nm chip

With 5G, a new era begins for all newly introduced iPhones, says Apple boss Tim Cook: iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max benefit like the cheaper iPhones 12 from faster speeds in the cellular network – provided 5G is available. German wireless service providers are pushing ahead with the expansion. And another important five: Apple’s new processor for the iPhone, the A14 Bionic, is the first smartphone chip on a 5 nm basis. Its six processor cores should surpass the performance of its predecessor by 50 percent. The graphics performance is also said to have been halved. According to Apple, the Neural Engine, which helps the smartphone to learn new routines such as Face ID, is significantly better.

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