iPhone 12 YouTube videos point to an imminent start

iPhone 12 YouTube videos

Apple will be introducing the iPhone 12 soon – this is no longer only indicated by rumors, but also by Apple itself. CGH has all the information!

Will only the iPhone 12 or also the iPhone 12 Pro be seen in the fresh “Navy Blue” color on September 15, 2020? (Source: EverythingApplePro)

It’s official: on September 15, 2020, another keynote will be held in Apple Park for Cupertino – and with it the presentation of numerous new products. It is still uncertain which technical innovations this will be, despite the many revelations in the past weeks and months. Now, however, Apple itself is giving a first indication of what will be on display shortly: the iPhone 12 and the Apple Watch 6. This is indicated by advertising videos that can no longer be found on the YouTube page of the Cupertino group.

Apple is taking promotional videos offline

The whole thing was discovered by the usually well-informed PhoneArena website, which also reported on it as the first page. Accordingly, Apple changed the status of the promotional videos from the iPhone 11 and the Apple Watch 5 from “public” to “private”. What may not be anything special for less tech-savvy users is a drastic step in the YouTube world. Because once the status is set to “private”, the clips on the video platform of Google Group Alphabet can no longer be accessed until the status is changed again.

Preparations for Apple Event

In a billionaire company like Apple, it can be assumed that the measure is not an oversight, but rather the preparations for the launch of the iPhone 12 and the sixth generation of the Apple Watch. However, there will only be one hundred percent certainty in this regard on September 15, 2020, when the iPhone company will virtually open the gates of its Apple Park and possibly present other technology products in addition to the smartphone and computer clock.

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