iPhone 13 with more surprises

iPhone 13 with more surprises:

The picture of the upcoming iPhone 13 was actually quite complete, but the rumor mill still has something on the fire. If the reports are correct, there will be even more surprises in autumn. Apple’s secrets are slowly being revealed.

The well-known Apple expert and “traitor” Max Weinbach is really heating up the rumor mill. The latest video from EverythingApplePro contains his latest findings on the future iPhone 13. Some elements are already known, they are confirmed again. Other rumors, on the other hand, have not yet appeared in this way.

iPhone 13: Apple’s secrets revealed again

Which features is Apple still keeping secret so far, what can we look forward to? We summarize the current leaks for the iPhone 13 clearly:

New color variants: Apple wants to offer the iPhone 13 in at least one new color – called “Borderline Black”. It should be a matt black variant and a further development of the already known “Space Gray / Graphite”. A version that is more reminiscent of bronze or copper is still uncertain but is still being tested. According to Weinbach, this variant is unlikely to go into production – just wait and see.

Revised stainless steel frame: The current frame of the iPhone 12 Pro literally attracts unsightly fingerprints. The successor should have a version that is much more resistant to fingerprints.

Flat appearance: A great wish comes true because according to Weinbach, the camera will probably stand out much less than usual. Accordingly, the iPhone 13 will have a flatter profile. Speaking of cameras: We can also look forward to an improved portrait mode and a new type of image stabilization.

Smaller notch and further confirmations: Already reported before, now also affirmed by Weinbach – the smaller display notch of the upcoming iPhone 13. The messages about the continuation of the smaller form factor (iPhone 13 mini), larger batteries and an option are also mentioned again 1 TB storage.

Connections remain: An iPhone model without any connections is rejected. Contrary to previous reports, such a purely wireless model will not appear in 2021. Lightning will stay with us for a while.

Right now on schedule

We can count on a release in September 2021. At the moment, in contrast to the previous year, no delay from Apple is expected. A start of sales before the end of the 9th month of the year is therefore very likely. There will then be four new models again, as all variants of the iPhone 12 will have a direct successor. The three screen sizes (5.4 inches, 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches) have been retained, but both Pro models finally have a fast 120 Hz display.

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