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iPhone SE Plus

The current iPhone SE is Apple’s second interpretation of a cheap cell phone with the latest chip technology inside. More supplies could come in the spring. Hopefully, as we can currently admire it on concept images.

Let’s be honest: The current iPhone SE is extremely fast and relies on tried and tested and popular technology (Touch ID, Home button), but it looks a bit old-fashioned in the iPhone 8’s dress. Above all, it lacks the full-screen display – a must for modern smartphones these days. Rumor has it that this could change in the spring of next year when Apple is supposed to introduce a larger model of the iPhone SE.

iPhone SE Plus: Apple’s successor to the iPhone XR?

We would be disappointed if Apple just used the case and display of the former iPhone 8 Plus for this. With a bit of luck, Apple dares to make a real fresh start with the design and post the “iPhone SE Plus” as the strategic successor to the current iPhone XR in its portfolio. A full-format screen would then be mandatory.

iPhone SE Plus-2
Image: Phone Industry

Fast, yes, but modern design? We tested the iPhone SE:

We can find out what such a device could look like in the end on the descriptive concept images by the designers of the “Phone Industry”. Your iPhone SE Plus skilfully tries to combine several design languages ​​of Apple in order to create something completely new in the end.

iPhone SE Plus-1
Image: Phone Industry

Retro meets modern: the iPhone concept knocks us out

The back looks familiar, the lenses of the dual camera are arranged next to each other and not one below the other, as on the earlier Plus models. The basic shape, on the other hand, cites the upcoming iPhone 12 – everything a bit more angular, in memory of the design of the iPhone 5 and thus also of the original iPhone SE, whose shape is based on the classic from 2012.

iPhone SE Plus-3
Image: Phone Industry

If we now turn the iPhone SE Plus over, we will be catapulted into modern times with full force. A screen with narrow edges that fills the entire space awaits us. It offers even more space than current Apple smartphones. The reason: No notch, just a small camera hole in the display. So far, we have only known this from various Android phones. This would be a welcome first for Apple.

We don’t know how likely this concept of the iPhone SE Plus will be in the end, but we can wish it – it costs nothing. So: Just like Apple, please!

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