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Apple will make the last surprise with the iPhone XE. According to the latest information in 2019, in addition to the following three models, the iPhone SE will be introducing the new iPhone XE.

The 2019 iPhone family will consist of three different models, as is the case in 2018. They are known to be the iPhone XI with a 5.8-inch OLED display, the iPhone XI Max with a 6.5-inch OLED display, and the iPhone XR 2019 with a 6.1-inch LCD screen. The $ 999, $ 1,099 and $ 750 price tags will replace the models on the shelves. The future of the gel triple rear camera system is only available on XI and XI Max models. In addition to these, there are rumors of the iPhone XE that will replace the popular iPhone SE. The phone, which has not yet been received by sound sources, is reportedly in the 2019 autumn setting. The power of the A12 Bionic processor and Face ID face recognition system will be specified that the XE, 4.8-inch OLED screen is trying to be installed on. It is said that the phone that will please small phone lovers will adopt iPhone SE-like angular design. The back of the phone will be aluminum so there will be no wireless charging support, the phone is said to carry a single 12-megapixel f / 1.8 camera behind.

iPhone XE, Successor to iPhone SE

The iPhone SE, which was first released three years ago, was officially discontinued in 2018. With its 4-inch screen, SE was successful with its small screen in the increasing world of screen sizes. And perhaps, according to the size of his footprint, although he achieved success in his own terms, the iPhone SE never had a second chance.

Rumors about the fate of Apple’s tiny iPhone have been circulating as news of the whisper newspaper since the first model appeared. Alleged factory plans, screen savers, and even the protective cases of a major brand have leaked online, indicating that the launch of the iPhone SE 2 is very close. Unfortunately for people who wanted a smaller phone, the turn came and SE 2 had no sign. In fact, Apple had no intention of repeating the concept of an ultra-compact phone.

However, there is a new glimmer of hope as a new report published by the PC Tablet claims that Apple is actually working on the blood brother of SE, called iPhone XE. The publication claims that the source was “from Foxconn’s manufacturing facility in India” and got this information from there.

Another interesting news is that the report claims that the new iPhone model will be made in India at a production facility of Apple’s production partner Wistron. Although we could not confirm all the claims made in this report, the fact that it came from Indian broadcasts, rumors that the information is coming from a source at Foxconn‘s production facility in India, adds some credibility to the report, which Apple is considering starting to flagship production in India.

If the iPhone XE is indeed a real project planned to be released later this year, we should hear much more about it in the coming weeks and months. Until then, are you excited led by a much smaller iPhone model, or are you okay with what’s currently offered? Let us know in the comments below!

iPhone SE will replace iPhone XE how many will be sold?

According to news sources, the model will have a price tag of $ 600. In other words, the model, which will be more than the $ 750 iPhone XR, will seem to draw attention if it turns into reality.

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New iPhone XE

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