Is Face ID coming to Mac computers 300

Is Face ID coming to Mac computers?

Technology giant Apple currently uses Face ID technology only on iPads and iPhones. However, the details found show that the Mac computer is next.

Face ID face recognition technology, built on Apple’s advanced TrueDepth camera system, may soon come to the Mac side, based on the robust details found in macOS Big Sur codes. We say that it can come here because no one is 100 percent sure yet, but the evidence found points directly to this. Users have long wanted this to come, and it is said that it may happen in 2021 even if the start is not 2020. As you know, Apple currently offers Touch ID on many Mac models. Apple, which offers a secure infrastructure with the help of the T2 security chip in terms of biometric entry, seems to take a good step to delight users by extending it to Face ID. The Windows Hello system is highly appreciated in the face recognition feature on the PC side and Apple is thought to make a similar process secure enough to be used even in mobile payments. The first Mac with Face ID is estimated to be an iMac. But of course, the start can also be done with a MacBook.

Apple is making a big transformation on the Mac side

Apple has taken the step to end its dependency on Intel for its computers in the past weeks and announced that they will switch to using their own processors in the Mac world under the name “Apple silicone”. The first Macs with Apple Silicone are expected to arrive at the end of the year.

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