John Wick

With the release of John Wick 3, starring Keanu Reeves, the balances at the booth have changed. The Avengers Endgame was finally faced with great competition.

As you know, the Avengers Endgame, which comes from the hands of the Marvel studios, is stormy at the box office. The film makes an incredible start to the record in the real sense. There is little time left before the international box office record, broken by the Avatar years ago. The total box office revenue has already reached $ 2,614 billion. But this week, the Endgame has finished all weeks at the top.

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According to Box Office Mojo‘s data, John Wick 3, which was directed by Chad Stahelski, made a pretty quick start. The third Parabellum film this weekend received the USA $ 57 million box office proceedings. The Avengers Endgame was the second with $ 29 million. Thus, the leader of the week was at the peak.

Generally speaking, John Wick 3 is unlikely to reach a total of $ 2,614 billion. But this film doesn’t change the fact that the Avengers made a good start despite the wind of the Endgame and had taken the summit. On the other hand, John Wick would be the only name to win a victory against the Avengers. For this reason, the quick start of the film doesn’t surprise anyone. The real curiosity is how much Parabellum film will win in total.

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