Keanu Reeves and Netflix

Keanu Reeves and Netflix

Keanu Reeves wrote a comic. Didn’t you know Never mind, because it’s still very fresh and Netflix has already secured the film rights? A bloody action film and an anime series should emerge from it. And who is going to play the main role?

Keanu Reeves stars in Netflix’s own comic

Everyone since Matrix and John Wick should know: Keanu Reeves and Action, they just go well together. Rather unknown: apart from the film camera, the Canadian actor has approached the genre from different perspectives. He recently lent his face to the character Johnny Silverhand in the long-awaited and spectacularly crashed game “Cyberpunk 2077“. He’s also recently made a name for himself in the comic book genre.

Netflix became aware of this and just a few weeks after the first volume of “BRZRKR” (pronounced: Berserker) was published, it was clear: streaming service, publisher, and Reeves himself are coming together to bring the bloody comic to the screen in several versions.

“BRZRKR”: More than brutal action with a matrix hero?

For the real version, Keanu Reeves is set as a seasoned action hero for the main role of “B”. He will also be on board as one of the producers. The story of B could go deeper than usual for many action films: The ancient, immortal and semi-divine warrior has been forced to cover the world with violence for thousands of years and risks his state of mind in the process. When he arrived today, the US government sent him on the most dangerous missions. He hopes to find out why he is, how he is and finally to be able to die.

A good premise for a bloody splatter film, behind which there is a little more than just the genre-specific bloodlust. We can also look forward to Netflix’s further plans. Because then an anime series is to be created that tells the story. Again, Reeves will lend his voice to the lead role.

We are curious to see when the time will come because an exact date is not yet known. However, Netflix points to the upcoming filming of John Wick 4 this year. It is possible that work on “BRZRKR” will begin after that.

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