Keanu Reeves's training with naval commandos for John Wick 3

Keanu Reeves is ready to reappear with John Wick 3. A section of the training that the player received for the scenes was shared.

Although we are thrilled by the Avenger Endgame excitement, John Wick 3 will debut on May 17th. John Wick, one of the most beloved Keanu Reeves roles, will show us what a relentless assassin he is with the third film. The film, which we will take action, brings with it a lot of conflicts and close combat. So how did Keanu Reeves prepare for this film? Vigilance Elite shared a section of Reeves’s education with us. Shawn Ryan, a former American naval commandos, has been trained by the famous actor.

Extensive training to the smallest detail The video demonstrates Reeves’s training from the grip of the gun to his stance, from the step-shot to the smallest detail that needs to be done at the entrance to the room. After a more realistic experience, Reeves is turned into a real soldier, and the character of John Wick becomes more convincing.

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Beyond any assassin, John Wick appears as a character who is looking for a place to escape when even the most frightening assassins get their name. Wick’s third film, known as Baba Yaga, is worth $ 14 million. Coming from the protection of Continental, John Wick appears to be teaching other assassins who are pursuing his nickname “Baba Yaga“. Wick will be played by Halle Berry as Sofia in the third film. You can watch the video of Keanu Reeves in the story and you can browse the John Wick 3 trailer for more information.

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