Keanu Reeves Summarizes John Wick Series in 60 Seconds

Keanu Reeves is getting ready to return to the big screen with John Wick 3. Shortly before the film came up to the audience, the experienced player outlined the first two films of the series. In a very short time like 60 seconds!

As you know, the very popular John Wick series continues to full throttle. Next month, we’il watch the third circle of the series. Keanu Reeves sums up the video series from IGN in just a minute!

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Keanu Reeves Summarizes John Wick Series in 60 Seconds

“New to John Wick? I’m here to help. It all starts when John Wick’s car is stolen and his dog killed. The dead dog is the gift of his dead wife. Of course, those who do this are not aware that John Wick is a retired assassin and that his name is The Boogeyman (BabaYaga). Iosef’s father, Viggo, instructs him to kill John. In this process, John is getting help from The Continental Hotel. This is the safe haven of the assassins. Winston, the owner of the hotel, tells Iosef’s place to John. John moves to kill him, but Iosef escapes. John is then attacked in the Continental. That means a big rule has been violated. John kills Iosef and then his father Viggo. He wants to own a new dog and return to retirement. In the second film, John finds his stolen car. An assassin named Santino wants him to fulfill his promise on blood and kill his brother. So he wants to take his place on the council. But his brother prefers to kill himself before all else. His body-guard swears to seek vengeance. Then Santino declares that John will reward the killer. John kills Santino in The Continental. This results in her being banished by The Continental. Now you’re ready for the third movie! Şimdi

John Wick 3 will be on the 17th of May. Until then, you can find a detailed summary of Keanu Reeves in 60 seconds.

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