Kelli Anderson presents This Book Is A Camera

“This Book Is Camera” by Kelli Anderson

Many camera models with very advanced technical features are on sale in the market. The book “This Book Is Camera” by Kelli Anderson reveals what the imagination can do, not the technology.

The book’s title “This Book Is Camera” actually sums itself up. The book, which can take pictures with a specially designed interior, turns into a functional camera when opened. The camera, which is produced from the card, is of course not equipped with any electronic components. The camera, which works with the film inserted in the dark in the world, can create an image on the film while it is lighted. Here, how much light is transferred to the filament, the control is again provided through the curtain made from the card. The only troublesome part of the camera is that movies need washing. For original photographers, this wonderful option can be a frustrating and challenging situation for the generation that is accustomed to today’s digital photograpy. As new generation photographers instantly see the frames they take on a digital screen, they can grow into their eyes when they spend time together. However, this does not seem like a bad idea given the fact that a “book” photograph is taken.

This Book is a Camera from kellianderson on Vimeo.


Book your photos at affordable prices

This Book Is A Camera that can only shoot in black and white can be purchased on Amazon at a price tag of $ 26. The photo-enthusiast friend looks very nice to buy a gift, and it’s also very attractive for children. If you want to teach your child the general rationale of photography and give him the world’s finest hobbies, take a look here.

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