Large order focused on foldable iPhone from Apple to Samsung

Foldable iPhone

Technology giant Apple is on the agenda once again with news focused on foldable iPhone. In the news, it is said that Samsung will take place in the production phase.

Apple releases four new iPhone 12 models next month. However, Apple is also working on the future. One of these studies is the foldable iPhone model. The company is actively working on a foldable screen iPhone, and according to the latest information, a significant amount of foldable screen/panel samples have been taken from Samsung for this. Being the number one name in the foldable phone market with three different models offered for sale, Samsung also offers the best solutions for panel production through the “Samsung Display” company. The company, which currently provides screens to iPhone models, creates the impression that it will provide a panel for the foldable iPhone model, which is likely to appear in 2022. It seems clear that Apple will have serious trials with panels to be purchased from Samsung. It is not yet known how many panels were bought here.

What will the screens be in the iPhone 12 family if it is more realistic before the foldable iPhone?

The iPhone 12 has 2348 × 1084 pixel 476 PPI Samsung made 5.4-inch OLED screen, the 12 Max has 2540 × 1174 pixel 460 PPI LG Display / BOE production 6.1-inch OLED display. On the Pro side, the 12 Pro model has a 6.1-inch 2540 × 1174 pixel 460 PPI Samsung-made 10-bit OLED display, while the 12 Pro Max is on the road with 2785 × 1293 pixel 459 PPI 6.7-inch Samsung-made 10-bit OLED display. It seems that only Pro models will have a 120 Hz screen.

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