Apple Fortnite and Epic Games

Epic Games received a big move from Apple in the fight that started over the popular Fortnite deleted from the App Store.

For those who still do not know, Epic Games added an alternative payment infrastructure to the iOS and Android versions of the Fortnite game to Apple and Google’s built-in payment systems last week. However, Epic Games violated the market rules of Apple and Google with this alternative infrastructure. That’s why Apple and then Google removed the much-loved Fortnite from official markets. That’s why Epic Games sued both companies. Apple and Google want developers to use their own payment system for in-app purchases. Epic Games, on the other hand, opposes this process due to the commission cut in the companies’ payment system. In this process, a new stage was passed. Apple recently gave Epic Games until August 28th. Epic needs to rectify violations of the Apple Developer Program by this date. If these edits and changes are not made, Apple will cease Epic Games’ access to iOS and Mac developer accounts and the App Store. In a statement, Epic Games stated that they immediately applied to the court in the light of this notification from Apple. The firm asks the court to stop this step, but the outcome is currently unknown.

Making a statement on the subject, Apple states that they will not make a privilege to Epic Games. Stating that Epic created the problem, the technology giant states that the solution is also very easy.

Apple and Epic Games were making huge revenues through Fortnite

Thanks to the commission it has received, it is reported that Apple has earned 360 million dollars so far on Fortnite. It is stated that 1.2 billion dollars have been spent in the game and 360 million dollars of this have been put into Apple’s safe. The money Google earns in this context is only 10 million dollars. Apple users always spend a lot more money on games.

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