Lavolta Carrying Case Bag for Apple iMac

Lavolta Carrying Case Bag for Apple iMac 27-inch

Laptop computers are everywhere you go. Competition with the Lavolta Carrying Case Bag for Apple iMac will change completely. Lavolta wants to do the same for desktop computers. The resulting product is a really amazing design.

Lavolta‘s product is compatible with Apple‘s all-in-one iMac models. Especially for the big version in the size of 27 inches, the product is made into a computer case. The Lavolta Carrying Case Bag for Apple iMac, designed for carrying on your very large, heavy-weight computer case, also has a special gap for the carrying bag. The product, which also includes sections for moving the iPhone and Apple Magic KeyboardLavolta Carrying Case Bag for Apple iMac 1, offers design-wise features, albeit rather strange. For example, the carrying case, which can be worn without lifting the iMac, attracts attention with its quality materials. At this point, the bag is made from genuine leather and wool felt, and uses a coating that will not damage the computer screen.



The most elegant solution for moving your iMac comes from Lavolta


As you can see in the photos, the case is designed by the old iMac model. In other words, the new generation is not the thin and light version of the computer, really the heaviest of all the solutions here. The fact that the bag can withstand it means that it will not be a problem in the new models as well, there are many people who can use the bag. At the top of them are the photographers. There are a lot of people taking my iMac computerLavolta Carrying Case Bag for Apple iMac 2 to view photos bigger today. The price of the product is $ 72.00


  • Designed by iMac users and handmade with love
  • Genuine leather and thick felt with soft yet protective velvet lining
  • Two pockets for iMac accessories to fit Apple Keyboard, Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse
  • Fits 27″ iMac with Retina 5K 2014-2015, 27″ iMac Slim 2009-2013 and 27″ Thunderbolt Display

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