LEGO Technic Mack truck set

Two-in-one LEGO Technic Mack truck set to become the best LEGO Technic ever

The fact that the LEGO Technic Mack truck set, which will be available for sale from next year, can be adapted in two different ways, will be very happy.

LEGO’s favorite series among adults, the Technic projects, have witnessed special examples until this time. Among them, the Porsche 911 GT3 RS and the BMW R 1200 GS Adventure projects were particularly well received by our radar. While the world of automobiles and motorcycles is starting to show off their preparations for the year 2018, apparently the world of LEGO will continue on its way. You will never forget The Mack truck set to be one of the LEGO Technic projects counts days from now on to take its place on the shelf for enthusiasts. Of course, this model will not be confused with the Disney pixar cars mack truck. Everyone knows this animated character that children love very much. If you recall, in the film “Cars 3“, I was confronted with a red color. To tell you the truth, we thought that the set was a pixar cars mack truck that would get out before it was ready.

Two modeling possible

The most notable point outside of the cine appearance is that they are designed as two together. So it’s possible to make a second model over the same parts except Muck’s attractor. A secondary truck that users can build here is a damper truck. We can call it a candidate to become a new assistant in your model house, which we can characterize as a garbage tool thanks to its functional structure. The sale price for the set, which attracted more attention with the car parts, is around $150.00 The LEGO Technic Mack truck set, which is expected to be available for sale next year, has already managed to attract attention. The most enjoyable thing we can do at this stage is to get lost in the details …


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