Mac with ARM processor the most important component already finished

Mac with ARM processor

Apple dares to overhaul the Mac: The manufacturer plans to introduce the first model with its own ARM chip this year. And apparently nothing stands in the way of that.

First MacBook with ARM processor: The A14X will soon go into production

For some time you could read in the rumor mill that Apple would first equip a new 24-inch iMac with a specially developed ARM processor. The ultra-slim MacBook with a 12-inch display, which Apple withdrew from the market some time ago, is now the hottest candidate. The device should share the processor with a new iPad Pro. And more precisely this processor, the A14X, should go into mass production soon.

A report by the Taiwanese industry newspaper DigiTimes said Apple will begin large-scale manufacturing in the fourth quarter of the year. Between 5,000 and 6,000 wafers – in other words, the thin plates on which numerous processors are created next to each other should flow off the assembly line every month.

Apple is not only daring to overhaul the processor – everything is different with macOS Big Sur too:

With 5 nanometers into the future

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), Apple’s exclusive supplier for all in-house processors, announced last year that it would invest $ 25 billion in the 5-nanometer manufacturing process. The new A14X will also be created in this process.

The A14X processor is a more powerful variant of the A14, which is likely to be used in the iPhone 12 – and is also manufactured using the 5 nm process.

The iPad Pro with the new A14X chip could still be a while in coming: at least a new 12.9-inch version with a mini-LED display is not due to appear until the first half of 2021. Originally Apple had targeted earlier launch date in autumn 2020, Macrumors sums up the rumors.

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