macOS Big Sur is here

macOS Big Sur is here:

Apple has completed work on macOS Big Sur. After the release date was announced a few days ago, the publication will now follow, and the download is available immediately.

Update from November 12, 2020: Now the time has come, macOS 11 Big Sur is available for download from Apple. Owners of compatible Macs can download it via the software update in the system settings – alternatively, it can also be found in the Mac App Store. Free as always, of course.

The iMac 2014 and newer, the MacBook Air 2013 and newer, the iMac Pro 2017 and newer, the MacBook Pro late 2013 and newer, the MacBook 2015 and newer, the Mac Pro 2013 and newer, and the Mac mini 2014 and newer are compatible.

Update from November 10th: As Apple just announced in the Livestream, macOS 11 Big Sur will be released this Thursday, November 12th. As always, free of charge for all Mac users. CGH expects a release in the early evening hours.

Apple macOS Big Sur will be presented to us on June 22nd at WWDC. Since then, the new Mac system with version number 11.0 has been in beta testing. There were a total of 10 preliminary versions, the last one was made available two weeks ago. So far, however, Apple has been silent about a specific release date, and users are slowly getting restless.

macOS Big Sur is Out! – What’s New?

Apple’s macOS Big Sur: release in the next few days?

We can state: Development takes an unusually long time, usually the release takes place in September or at the latest in October, macOS Catalina, for example, was released on October 7th last year, before that September was established as the release month. Much will be different in 2020, including the Mac update. Nobody expects a release in October anymore, but the official launch of macOS Big Sur shouldn’t be long in coming.

There is reason for hope in the surprising release of the first beta version of 11.0.1 by Apple. Means: Instead of an eleventh beta of version 11.0, there is now number 1 of 11.0.1 – very unusual. Ergo: Even before Big Sur is completed, the first, smaller service update will be publicly worked on. This now raises hopes for an early release of macOS Big Sur 11.0. If so, Apple should be distributing the so-called “Golden Master” to the developers in the foreseeable future.

Mac event on November 17th likely

This means that the new system for Apple computers could even appear before the rumored Mac event on November 17th, possibly next week or the week after next. At the said event, the first ARM Mac is expected to be presented – most likely an ultra-compact MacBook. But new computers with Intel processors could still come, for example, an update of the MacBook Pro with a 16-inch display. Apple will inform the public about the event date no later than November 9 or 10.

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