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The latest trend is now at your fingertips !!!! Buy this Instant Man Bun Clip-On and you’ll never regret buying it! Enjoy fooling your friends and spouse or just ask for a new look-Man Bun Clip-On does the trick! Get the perfect male bun without having to grow your hair! The plug-in clip gives you the option to turn the man into a bun when you want a new look and take it out when you don’t want to.

How to Use Man Bun Clip-On:

  1. Re-comb your hair to the top of your head in a similar way to polishing a refurbished wooden stand.
  2. Attach the man bun to your natural hair in such a way that the public is connected to the Arcade.
  3. Use bobby pins to secure the artificially made man bun.

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Man Bun – The Original Clip-On Man Bun (TM) (Brown)


Brad Pitt, Bradley Cooper, Chris Hemsworth, Colin Farrell, David Beckham, Jason Moma, Jake Gyllenhaal, Jared Leto, Joaquin Phoenix, Leonardo DiCaprio, Shia LaBeouf and many other things we probably forgot … What if we asked what all these men had in common? It’s not a riddle. So let’s move on to the answer; MAN BUN.

If you’re in the office, check out your colleagues, people around you on the street, people around you in a restaurant. How many of the men surrounding you have a male knob? There must be at least one. If there is no one, we give you five minutes to come up with one.

Our aim is to investigate the origins of men’s love of making a bun. Men who leave mustaches and then decide to extend their beards to eternity are certain that the areas where men can make changes are limited. As a matter of fact, a new hair & beard trend was inevitable. But we didn’t foresee this to be a bun.

We asked 100 people what they thought of Man Bun (OK, we may be exaggerating, at least to our immediate surroundings) (including men). We explain; unlike obsession with beard and mustache, this trend is not very welcome. There is no need to explain the reasons at length, but to summarize, it is perceived as meaningless to extend a hair just to collect it. We know that beard has no function. But you can’t deny that many men double their charisma. (I think they have a function)

First Man Bun

If you try to look for the man who made the first man bun, you have to look far ahead of Jared Leto, David Beckham, and Colin Farrell. Maybe the Buddha is all responsible. Or Terracotta warriors of China. They may have samurai. We can talk about hippies, but they probably won’t like it if we put the responsibility on them.

Let’s leave the last word to a man who makes a male knob; The purpose is not to like it. It really started with a curiosity for Japanese culture. And her hair is five years long. And he doesn’t care about the men who look at him and grow his hair. I mean, before the trend, men were growing their hair. And they will continue to collect.

Men who prefer the bun model should pay attention to these rules!

We agree on how charismatic men with long hair look. In particular, we must admit that we love men who have an integrated style of hair and beard! It is not possible for men who do their hair buns, as long as they pay attention to clothing! Well, do you know how men’s buns should look like clothes? If you say I’m making my hair bun but I still can’t make the effect I want, this article is for you!

Men’s special bun models

Classic bun

Classic bun

Men’s bun models can vary depending on where they go, hair types and styles. One model should not come to mind when you think of the male knob. When going to an important meeting or job interview, we recommend you make a more serious and tight bun. By fixing your knob with L’Oréal Studio Line Invisifix hair gel you can make your knob look charismatic for a long time.

Shabby bun

Shabby bun

You can choose more shabby hairstyles when you go to meet your friends. Thanks to the messy bun hairstyle, we can guarantee that it will attract a lot of attention among your friends. When making a bun, you can use Matrix Texture Builder Hair Spray to clarify your curls and add volume to your hair.

Braided bun

Braided bun

If you’re looking for a different look in your hair, we recommend you to try a braided bun model. You can make a totally different style by knitting the top of your hair with herringbone braid. If you are tired of doing the same hairstyle every day, you will love this model. Once the knob is finished, remember to fix it with Matrix Style Fixer Spray.

Half bun

Half bun

You can make a half bun model by cutting the upper part of your hair short. The half-bun model that stands out among the 2019 hair trends is very suitable for men!

Messy bun

Messy bun

If you don’t have time to shape your hair, you can throw yourself on the street with the most practical bun model! Thanks to the scattered mace you can both protect your charisma and save time. To add a different style to your messy bun model, you need to remove small tufts from your hair. You can control your unstabilized, electrified hair with L’Oreal Studio Line Bed Head hair gel.

What to add to the style of men who do the bun

Dirty Beard

Dirty Beard Man Bun

Bun hairstyle is the dirty beard. And when you decide to make your hair bun, you can catch a charismatic look by leaving a beard that is grimy. Especially the scattered bun and dirty beard duo is one of the most impressing views in 2019, he tells us!


Man Bun Whiskers

You grow your hair, what about your mustache? When you make your hair bun, you can also create a whole with your long hair by slightly extending your mustache. You must cut your mustache regularly and keep them from falling on your lips, otherwise, you might look pretty neglected and shabby.

Colored hair

Man Bun Colored hair

If you like to try different hairstyles, you can look more different and assertive by changing the color of your hair. You will help the knob to come to the forefront with shades of gray, yellow, which have become very popular among men recently.

Styling tips for men making buns


Man Bun Backpack

Let’s face it, the men who prefer the bun hairstyle fit what they wear 🙂 But there is an accessory that gives them a very bohemian mood: backpacks! We make the backpack accessory very good for the men who do the bun. You should not leave your backpack on your way to work/school or friends. This piece, which looks both practical and cool, is also one of the most important autumn trends.

Patterned shirt

Man Bun Patterned shirt

Patterned shirts are a must for men making a bun! Both shabby as well as classic bun models, these shirts can be adapted to any environment.


Man Bun Sweatshirt

One of the most suitable pieces for autumn and winter seasons are plain color sweatshirts. If you trust my physique (!), You can prefer narrow cut ones. No one can say no to the harmony of the shabby bun and the tight-fitting sweatshirt!

Use accessories

Man Bun Use Accessories

Don’t be afraid of accessories! You can get help from rings, necklaces, and bracelets to color your style and add movement. With the knob of silver accessories that stand out in 2019 trends, it will look great.

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