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It is an indisputable fact that R&B, Soul, Funk icon Marvin Gaye’s music is still popular and loved just like day one. Marvin, whom we lost by his father’s bullet when he was only 45, is still adored, inspired and quoted by fellow musicians and producers. Admirers, including myself, can’t get enough of listening to his enormous musical legacy of the “Prince of Motown“.

Marvin Pentz Gay Jr. aka Marvin Gaye, who had been living would have turned 80 on April 2nd, 2019. On the 29th of March, his former record label Motown Records produced and published a special gift for his fans on this special occasion. The so called ”lost” album “You“re The Man” made it to the record stores and it heralds the return of the legend. Happy birthday, you’re the man!

“You’re The Man” was announced about one and a half month ago. The album is planned to be pressed and distributed on vinyl format first. It’s a double LP and is presented with a gatefold cover. The digital and CD formats are not out now, but will soon be released. The most important note to the album is that 15 of the 17 tracks have not been issued on vinyl until now. For this reason, this production is important in terms of merging the songs under a single roof and the original tracklist order that also has been kept.

1972 recorded “You’re The Man“, which is stucked between Marvin’s masterpieces “What’s Going On” (1971) and “Let’s Get It On” (1973), is the result of a single studio session, consisting of 17 songs. Just like on “What’s Going On” Marvin Gaye’s goal was to address many issues such as political, social and environmental consciousness. Thus, the albums’ eponymous first single-use US President Nixon as its target board.

Due to the multitude of political discourses on the entire album, Motown boss Berry Gordy believed that his business will be detrimental and convinced Marvin to cancel the album / project. When the first single failed to reach success the whole album eventually hit the dusty shelves.

The album, which has been on hold for 47 years, was finally revised this year on the occasion of Marvin’s 80th anniversary. On one side it is dominated by original Motown productions, on the other hand, hip-hop and R&B producer Salaam Remi, who worked with The Fugees, Nas and Amy Winehouse, produced three songs (My Last Chance, Symphony and I’d Give My Life for You). “My Last Chance“ was released in February as the albums’ lead single. In addition, new liner notes has been provided by David Ritz, who did a lot of biographical work on Marvin Gaye. The liner notes are reflecting the albums’ recording stages, the artist’s private and emotional life.

I wish you a pleasant listening to the lucky ones who have or will buy the vinyl. Those who can’t find it will wait for the release on digital platforms. I’ve listened to a few of the tracks in different albums and compilations over the years. In fact, they all are great songs. I wonder how this different pieces would tell a story together. It’s exciting to be expecting that from this angle.

Stay funky, Aykut

You’re The Man [2LP] tracklist (source: Udiscovermusic):

Side A

You’re The Man 5:45

The World Is Rated X 3:50

Piece of Clay 5:10

Where Are We Going? 3:53

Side B

I’m Gonna Give You Respect 2:55

Try It, You’ll Like It 3:55

You Are That Special One 3:35

We Can Make It Baby 3:20

Side C

My Last Chance 3:40

Symphony 2:52

I’d Give My Life For You 3:31

Woman of the World* 3:30

Christmas In the City (instrumental) 3:48

Side D

You’re The Man Version 2 4:40

I Want to Come Home For Christmas 4:48

I’m Going Home (Move) 4:38

Checking Out (Double Clutch) 4:50

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