Matrix sending in John Wick 3 trailer

John Wick 3, a new action-packed trailer, is a great reference to Keanu Reeves’ Matrix days.

John Wick outlines our expectations from the film exactly with 3 new trailers. The action takes the highest point in the film, it can be seen that all the firearms will be used without fire, and the motorcycle chases will be made and there is even a horse escape scene. But the new trailer also had a pleasant surprise for Matrix lovers. When we see Wick at the head of Continental, Winston asks us what Winston Wick needs. John Wick also says the famous words, emphasizing the greatness of the war he finds in himself; “Weapons. I need a lot of weapons.” Matrix fans don’t miss this posting.

Single giant army

Keanu Reeves, who played Neo in the 1999 film The Matrix, set up the same sentence. It then appears around a huge d warehouse “dubbed with countless ammunition. In John Wick, of course, things are more lar physical Win and they take Winston John to a warehouse full of weapons.

John Wick 3, which will be released on May 17, is making our hero a prime target of a huge chase. Wick, who has an advance of 1 hour for his escape, takes names that he can get help from, and the film introduces us to the new character Sofia and new enemy Zero. You can watch the last trailer of the film, which is expected to host more action than the first two films.

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