Mega update for PUBG 10.1

Mega update for PUBG:

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, PUBG for short, is about, to begin with, Season 10 and it not only has a new map, but also a new challenge.

PUPG: A new map

So far, Update 10.1 is still on the PUBG test server but is already in the starting blocks. PC gamers can look forward to the update from December 16, but console gamers will have to wait until December 17. With the update, Season 10 tells some new content – including a new map and it’s something completely different.

Haven is a small industrial island that marks the smallest map in the game at just 1×1 kilometers. Instead of up to 100 players as usual, only up to 32 players compete against each other.

Haven is a dense and urban battlefield with different districts, in which you will encounter opponents fairly quickly and so could be involved in combat in no time. The map is not only a big challenge because of its size.

An organization wants to end you

The matches on Haven will probably be a bit shorter due to the size, but it’s important to keep your eyes open here. Here, not only are the other players your opponents, but also a group of NPCs – an organization called Pillar, which wants to piss you off.

Mega update for PUBG-2

With the PvE organization Pillar, PUBG is breaking with an old tradition. It consists of guards and commanders who are spread across the map, constantly controlling certain areas and quickly targeting you if you get too close to them.

But they are not only there to make your life a little harder. If you finish them off, you can grab their gear. According to the developer, commanders are particularly well equipped and drop keys with which you can loot pillar camps. But be careful – if the NPCs manage to call reinforcements in time, you will quickly have helicopters and trucks on your neck.

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