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One of the most iconic models of the German manufacturer Mercedes-Benz, the G Series will meet the users in 2021 with its design that has preserved its main profile over the years and its developing infrastructure. One of the most recognizable models in the automotive world. Mercedes-Benz G-Class evolved from a military vehicle to a high-end SUV.

The G Series, which has not abandoned its main design policy, keeps up with its time with small design innovations on its body, but is way ahead in interior design and technology. Aiming to offer comfort to the user, even if the bride is on the ground. Mercedes-Benz G-Class

Let’s take a look at the design, performance and price list of .


External design:

Mercedes-Benz G Series Price List and Features 2

The design of this series, which was decided to be produced in 1972, dates back many years. Designed as an all-terrain vehicle, the Mercedes-Benz G Series has a sharp design that refers to the past. Although it has become more contemporary in time, the G Series, which evokes its first model even as it is before us today, continues to keep up with the times with the door hinges positioned outside and the spare wheel that is exposed, just as it was 40 years ago.

Even though it is an off-road vehicle, the Mercedes-Benz G Series, which respects the freedom of individualization of the user, offers a perfect solution for users who want to choose a body color. Offers 37 different colors. In the middle of these colors, there are also colors that are the same price with a 0 kilometer car. From 17 inches to 20 inches in total 12 different rims offering its design to the customer’s taste. Mercedes-Benz G-Class allows you to choose two of them for free.

Interior design:

Mercedes-Benz G Series Price List and Features 3

The Mercedes-Benz G Series is considered to have the same interior lines as other high-end Mercedes-Benz cars. While an analog design is preferred in the name of staying true to the past models on the dial, it is possible to see the works of today’s technology on the center console.

One of the most valuable details that makes this car special is that the interior coatings and the small details on the exterior are produced by hand. This is almost a tradition of the G Series, and it also makes the car extremely special. Mercedes-Benz, which has plenty of customization options in the interior as well as in the exterior, for the G Series With 34 different seat upholstery appears. What makes this situation more attractive is that all 34 seat upholstery can be preferred without paying an additional price.


PRE-SAFE system:

Mercedes-Benz G Series Price List and Features 4

PRE-SAFE, a sound system technology used by Mercedes-Benz in all its new models, uses the car’s speakers to generate a frequency that disables the ears in possible accident situations. This prevents the loud noise caused by the accident from harming the user.

Effective tracking assistant:

Mercedes-Benz G Series Price List and Features 5

Professionally developed by Mercedes-Benz and DISTRONIC

This technology, which he named , includes features such as detecting traffic signs and actively scanning the environment. In this way, the burden of the user is lightened and security is increased. A must-have mold for this technology can be used in a gigantic model like the G Series.


Mercedes-Benz G Series Price List and Features 6

Although it is not a main safety technology, it affects both the design and driving of the Mercedes-Benz G Series. MULTIBEAM LED, we can say that it assists the driver momentarily while driving. These headlights, which work by adapting to the traffic situation, take into account the safety of oncoming vehicles when cornering.


THERMOTRONIC Air Conditioning System:

Mercedes-Benz G Series Price List and Features 7

It is an advanced air conditioning technology with 3 different control zones. THERMOTRONIC can offer different air conditioning for each passenger inside the car. This technology, which can even determine a different ambient temperature for individuals traveling in the rear seats, is offered as an option.

Heated steering wheel:

Mercedes-Benz G Series Price List and Features 8

The steering wheel with heating support, which we are used to seeing in more than one model at this level, is offered as an option in the Mercedes-Benz G Series as well. The price to be requested from the customer for this multi-functionally controllable heating system is 10. 705 TL.

Heated and ventilated front seats:

Mercedes-Benz G Series Price List and Features 9

These special seats, which are offered as an option in the Mercedes-Benz G Series, prevent sweating on long trips thanks to the ventilation channels, and at the same time warm the user in cold weather. To have these seats, the Active Ergonomic Seat Package must be purchased. If the price of the package is 120. 728 TL.

Mercedes-Benz G Series equipment packages:

Mercedes-Benz G Series Price List and Features 10

  • Mercedes-Benz G 400 d Magnetic
  • Mercedes-AMG G 63 Performance

Mercedes-Benz G Series has 2 different equipment packages, Magnetic and Performance. Since these two equipment packages are offered with two different engine options, you automatically choose the Magnetic when you buy the G 400 d model, and the Performance package when you choose the G 63.

Customers who have purchased the G 63 and are keen on customization, 170. You can choose one of the special colors with great prices up to 000 TL. or up to 40. 000 TL for different wheel designs.

Mercedes-Benz G Series performance, engines and fuel consumption:

Mercedes-Benz G Series Price List and Features 11

3.0L Diesel 330 PS:

  • Average (lt/100 km): 8.9
  • Inner city (lt/100 km):10.1
  • Out of town (lt/100 km):8,3

4,0L Fuel Oil 585 PS:

  • Average (lt/100 km):14.4
  • Inner city (lt/100 km):17.1
  • Out of town (lt/100 km): 12.9

Mercedes-Benz G Series 2021 prices:

Mercedes-Benz G Series Price List and Features 12

  • Mercedes-Benz G 400 d Magnetic 330 PS:3. 379.000 TL
  • Mercedes-AMG G 63 Performance 585 PS:4. 781,000 TL

In this article, the design, performance and price list of the Mercedes-Benz G Series, which draws attention with its profile and performance, we took a look. You also want to share your intentions about the Mercedes-Benz G Series with us. remember.

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