Mi Electric Scooter

Xiaomi recently launched electric scooters for sale. Introduced to users in the United States, Mi Electric Scooter is one step ahead of its competitors with its folding design and long range. Offering a range of approximately 19 miles of driving when fully charged, the Handcrafted Scooter has proven to be a great option for long-distance travel and for urban transport. It was awarded the Red Dot award in 2017 with this and other outstanding features. Mi, where aluminum material is preferred in its body, weighs about 12 kilograms. The scooter has a speed of approximately 9 mph and is resistant to water and dust.

The one-touch, ready-to-use folding design scooter’s red design accents add to modernity. The scooter, which informs the user with the dashboard, provides a safe driving with double brake system. The 4 LED notification lights in the instrument panel indicate the remaining battery life. The Mi Electric Scooter features ultra-bright 1.1W headlights with a range of up to 6 meters for extra security. The 8.5-inch front and rear tires feature high-level shock-absorbing and non-slip footprints.

Mi Scooter with 250W brushless DC motor for constant power output can convert kinetic energy into electrical energy during acceleration to extend battery life. With the application you install on your smartphone, it is possible to monitor the speed and battery status of the scooter. Firmware updates allow you to always have the best possible driving experience.

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