software error 212 story building

The world’s best in-flight simulation, “Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 software error 212-story building” keeps on the agenda.

You know, the newest of the Microsoft Flight Simulator legend was released for PC on August 18th. The simulation, which is announced to be sold in a special package containing 10 double-layer DVD discs, if desired, in the European market, allows you to travel virtually everywhere. For this, Microsoft and the main developer name Asobo Studio, which scanned the whole world through satellite images, overlooked an unintentional mistake a student named Nathan Wright made in the OpenStreetMap data. Because this mistake has added a 212-story building, although it should have 2 floors in the game. This incredibly large Australian-based building that you will see on the page is now in the language of the entire internet world. As far as it was reported, the error Nathan Wright made in the OpenStreetMap data was transferred to Bing Maps, and in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, prepared with the data taken from there, a huge building was encountered by virtual pilots.

212-story building

Of course, this is an acceptable mistake for a production that maps the whole world. It is reported that the company will fix this with some other errors found with the first updates. It should be noted that there are those who managed to land this 212-story building by plane. An example that makes you laugh is at the top of the page.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 versions

The $ 59.99 standard version of the production, which has three different versions, includes 20 highly detailed designed aircraft and 30 airports. This version is available for PC via Game Pass (Monthly subscription package). The $ 89.99 Deluxe Edition version, which is not included in Game Pass, offers 5 additional planes and 5 additional airports in addition to the standard package. In the full Premium Deluxe Edition version for $ 119.99, we are offered 10 additional aircraft and 10 additional airports in addition to the above. The production you can buy here has 4K HDR support and comes with breathtaking graphics as you can see in the video below.

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