Microsoft Xbox One S All Digital 1 TB

Microsoft’s new Xbox model appeared. Here are all the details including the price of Microsoft Xbox One S All Digital and about to be known;

The long-time information from Microsoft Xbox One S All Digital was leaked by Roland Quandt, who we know more with smart phone leaks. Microsoft in recent weeks with the new console to be brought up in this move, leaving the boxed game infrastructure aside. As the name suggests, the new console, which can be used with games that are completely downloaded from the internet, shares the same design and technical details as the regular Xbox One S. The model, which is presented in white, is said to have 1 TB of storage in Europe. You know now most people are buying their games digitally. The future of the industry is digital, especially because of the great advantages made from time to time or the favorable prices in the pre-order. In this respect, it is not expected to include the optical disc drive in the next generation game consoles that will be released in 2020 or 2021.

What will be the selling price of Microsoft Xbox One S All Digital?

Box Forza Horizon 3, Minecraft and Sea of Thieves games will be released in the box called Xbox One S 1TB Console, according to Roland Quandt data will be sold to the price tag in Europe at € 230. A new console will bring a price advantage to the console even though it is not excessive compared to the normal One S, and it doesn’t make sense for existing users.

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