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Yeah; Most Powerful Marvel Character Gilgamesh is shown as the leading candidate for new films.

The fact that comic book films have been on the rise in the last decade has worked best for Marvel. This rise is so high that there are 5 comic movies out of the 10 most grossed films so far. In fact, one of these films, the Avengers: Endgame has won the first seat in the last week Avatar’dan received a delivery. We wanted to prepare an informative article about the character of Gilgamesh, which is certain to enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe will move on to the fourth stage with the end of the third stage films. In the meantime, the audience will meet a lot of new characters and these characters will be included in the universe. Among the new characters to enter, there is a group called Eternals. Within this group, there is a very strong and wide-character named Gilgamesh.

Gilgamesh is designed by Jack Kirby, the creator of such popular characters as Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor. His first appearance in comic books took place in 1977 in the 13th edition of The Eternals. In other words, the Avengers team meets the readers about 15 years later. We talked about the character’s broadcast history. Now, let’s talk about the origin of Gilgamesh in comics.

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The story of Gilgamesh from ancient legends to the present:

Gilgamesh has many names during its development. These names include The Forgotten One, Hero and O Guerreiro. In fact, the name of Gilgamesh M. Ö. It takes 3,000 years when he became king of the Uruks in the Sumerian territory. One Above All, the leader of the Deviant race, is called the Hero because of his heroism in the war against the Deviants. When he joined the Avengers after this war, he began to use the name Gilgamesh again. As you can tell, Gilgamesh is a very strong and respected character.

Gilgamesh is a character with thousands of years of history. He was bc. He was born in the Neolithic Age, between 8,000 and 5,500. Gilgamesh, originally a member of the Eternals group was imprisoned by a leader of the Eternal, Zuras, for a period of time in the mortal world, for a period of time in Olympus. Sprite, who was then an Eternal, saved him from captivity, arguing that Gilgamesh had to help in a great battle against the Deviants to end this imprisonment. After this war, Gilgamesh returns to the world and joins the weakened Avengers team. He helps Avengers in many battles and takes serious wounds in one of these battles and is taken back to Olympos for healing. What makes Gilgamesh so powerful?

First of all, Gilgamesh has a very good command of the fighting style and weapon of any time. Besides, our character has the powers found in every one of the Eternal race. However, as a result of the drills, it has become more powerful than other members by raising some of its forces above Eternal standards. So much so that his superhuman strength soon becomes compatible with Thor and Hercules. Although the limits of Gilgamesh’s superhuman strength are not known, it is known that it can lift weights over 100 tons.

The Forgotten One

Gilgamesh’s superhuman speed and durability are among the features that make it so powerful. He can run faster than the best athletes. Gilgamesh does not affect things that can cause permanent damage such as high-caliber projectiles and fall from very high places. It is also immune to extremely high and extremely low heat. In addition to all these, there is coordination ability, balance, skill, and reflexes beyond the limits of the human body.

One of Gilgamesh’s most striking forces is the attacks that he can perform with the cosmic rays he can extract from his hands. These attacks include high-temperature rays that create jolts. Gilgamesh also uses these rays to make changes in the molecular structure of objects. Our character also has the power to lift. Gilgamesh has very strong telekinetic properties and can reach 1.235 kilometers per hour, which is equal to the speed of sound when flying.

Being able to heal himself is one of Gilgamesh’s powers. Gilgamesh, in spite of all his powers, can be damaged in some cases, but because he has psychic control over his body, he can heal any damaged tissue in his body. Finally, Gilgamesh is actually an immortal when external factors are excluded. The character stops aging after reaching adulthood and has an innate immunity to worldly diseases and infections.

Gilgamesh Eternals

Like any hero, he has a weak point:

Actually, I do. Although Gilgamesh seems to be immortal because of his powers, his power to heal himself can be prevented, like any other Eternal. An Eternal can die if it receives fatal damage when it loses control of the body for some reason. But Gilgamesh is an Eternal, but there are points where he is more powerful than them. Sometimes even the most powerful Eternal is said to be. Gilgamesh, for example, remains blind for a while but then manages to overcome this disadvantage by developing radar-like sensations. So you can understand that Gilgamesh can be defeated, but this is not easy.

We have come to the end of our article in which we provide information about Gilgamesh who managed to distinguish himself from other characters with his power in the Marvel universe. It is very difficult to predict how this character will be used in the cinematic universe at this stage because the comic book-oriented films are sometimes questioned about their commitment to comics. Especially Marvel Cinematic Universe is famous for creating a universe different from comic books.

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